[T] SecSavr Sublime Already Out Of Date?!!?

A project log for SecSavr Sublime [gd0036]

A 3D printer that I described as "The FULL Coverage, Extended X, Pro Max, Ultramatrix Solution".

kelvinAkelvinA 07/16/2022 at 14:340 Comments

This kinda feels like a "Suffering From Success" kind of thing, but I've been working on the #SecSavr Suspense [gd0105] and returning to my original thought I had a few days after watching BCN3D's VLM video: Is gd0036 redundant/outdated before arival?

Now you may be wondering how a 5 axis, IDEXY, 10 toolchanger, 16 filament, modular bed (with infinite Y belt option), continuous fibre, airtight enclosed, additive and hopefully subtractive 3D printer could possibly risk being old tech already. I'll answer that.

The SecSavr Suspense's current optimistic solution.

I've already mentioned my concerns when it comes to print speeds in this log I just wrote. Sure the Suspense won't be milling PCBs, can only fit 8 materials instead of 16 and probably won't see continuous fibre support, but for additive manufacturing, it has the potential to do what I want out of a printer and has less unknowns with it.

Suspense Unknowns:

  1. Is there a semi-flexible material that can remove a thin layer of uncured resin and be cleaned before the next layer?
  2. Can a thin (around 0.1mm) layer of resin be deposited onto a film like PET?
  3. Can I program a slicer for it?

Sublime Unknowns:

  1. Can I program a slicer with the below functionality?
    1. 5 Axis
    2. Fully independent dual extruder printing
    3. Continuous fibre pathing
    4. Milling
  2. Will the #SecSavr Select [gd0091] be reliable enough?
  3. Will the rotary axes be stiff enough?
  4. Will the continuous fibre syringe nozzle be aligned well enough to work?
  5. Is there a suitable belt bed material?
  6. Will the magnetic tool system be strong enough for the SecSavr Spindle?

Shared Unknowns:

  1. Can I make an airtight enclosure with activated carbon (and HEPA for Sublime) filter?
  2. Can I cool the electronics?
  3. What's the max speed acheivable?

Moving on, there's material properties. SLA printers can create thermoset polymers, VLM can use less brittle resins and SLA prints are more isotropic, meaning that some parts can be angled to fit where an FDM printer would ideally need a larger bed. Colour choice could also be another win for the Suspense.

With print volume, there's limitations on the Y length (the longest side of the LCD, and maybe the cleaning roller), but as of now, I can't see much limitation for the X or Z height. Gravity is pushing the part towards the bed and not away from it, and in both cases the only thing that really changes is the length of linear rails, ballscrews, roller and the unheated bed. Adding to the fact that resin printers don't need a heated chamber either and the Suspense has serious power savings over the Sublime.

Right now, it's probably too early to call anything and I'm probably just speedrunning through the hype cycle with the new and emerging technology called VLM, but I'm on this rollercoaster now so I might as well enjoy it.