[A] Subproject for gd0045 CAD functionality

A project log for enSweepen [gd0096]

Procedural and parametric, node-based CAD for 3D modelling with sketches.

kelvinAkelvinA 05/20/2022 at 07:210 Comments

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As such a feature is large, I'm thinking that it might be beneficial to make this a Researching Project again and have logs in gd0045 be more CAM focused. 

Old project details: 

The way I model is through sketches and usually not through booleans. This is a research project to see if a timelined 2D sketch environment is feasible. Cadquery seems promising. 

Worst case scenario: I have to make new CAD software. Slightly better scenario: I have to port over something like FreeCAD to a functional language like F#.