DIY Collapsing Light Saber with RGB LED

with a IoT dev board inside, it can be a little more than just a toy or decoration

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3D printed collapsing Light Saber that comes with a IoT-capable microcontroller inside and a RGB LED strip

Recently I got obssesed with 3D printing, and stumble upon this collapsing light saber I find it really cool and a great practice for 3D printing beginners, so I 3D printed this with my Ender 3 V2 and with yellow and silver filament and the result came out fantastic! 

However, as an software engineer, how can we just stop here? 

So I measure the length and width of the saber hilt and found that the AMB02 (RTL8710AF) IoT dev board from Realtek can fit in just nice and work very well with WS2812 Neopixel LED strip, so here it is, a programmable and potentially IoT-capable Light Saber.

No matter how hard I tried to hide it, it eventually falls into the hand of my kid who really love changing its color while walking on the street XD    

ino - 1.87 kB - 03/03/2022 at 10:49


  • 1 × Ameba AMB02 RTL8710AF IOT Dev Board
  • 1 × WS2812 RGB LED Strip
  • 1 × Buton
  • 1 × small power bank
  • 6 × jumper wires

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