Q: Will be kits sometime available? A: YES!

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Tomas StarekTomas Starek 06/26/2022 at 11:031 Comment

I had some time to think about "the kit" and I have, I hope, a good news because your interest persuaded me to do it.

My short-plan is as follows: 

1) I need to tune the printer to make nice, repeatable prints. I believe it should not take too long. It could be done in a couple of weeks. Simultaneously, I plan to start some preparatory activities for kit. These will mostly relate to organizational and logistical aspects.

2) Make design changes I am calling v2 and do the documentation - drawings, assembly manual, source codes, etc.

3) Build and test v2. Here will be also a good space to fine-tune assembly manual, etc.

4) Finalize all the manufacturing and logistical aspects, announce prices, delivery dates, etc.

5) Open pre-orders, start making kits and publish the Inova documentation (DXFs, STLs, manuals, FW, SW, ...)

6) Support you in building your own Inova (kit or your own build from scratch) :-)

When it will be?

It is not a small bite but I will do my best to be able to deliver first kits to you by the end of autumn. Let's fingers crossed. I will keep you informed about the progress of the steps above on a regular basis.


Simon Wirz wrote 07/13/2022 at 10:04 point

Good to hear. Wish you all the best for the journey ahead :)

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