EL Wire on Geoboards/Pegboards

Using EL wire on a geoboard to create glowing shapes and designs. And now on Pegboards!

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I recently bought my kids a geoboard, or pegboard, to play with. Its a blast making designs with rubber bands. Then I had a random idea to try creating glowing shapes using EL wire.

I bought a 5 pack of EL wire off of Ebay and tried it out. Overall it was awesome, just being able to create glowing shapes is a blast! I think my favorite one I've made so far is the first image, it's just a cool design.

However there are some limitations... The first problem is I can't bend the EL wire as tightly around the pegs as I want to. You can see in picture 3, thats me trying to bend it around a single peg. It doesn't work very well. From what I've read about EL wire, the thinner it is, the tighter you can bend it. So for Version 2, I'm going to try some thinner EL wire. 

The next problem is I have to bring the glowing wires in from the edges of the board. You can see in the pictures I have the EL wires coming in from outside the board. For Version 2, I think I'm going to try drilling some holes in the board, allow me to bring in wires from underneath to make that less of a problem.

But all in all for a first attempt, it was fun!

  • Trying it out on pegboards!

    ThinkLearnDo06/04/2022 at 22:46 0 comments

    I tried it out with pegboards, and it worked great! Simply weave the el wire through the holes in the pegboard and create simple shapes.

     Then turn off the lights and turn on the EL wire.

    Thinner EL wire works better, you can fit more through each hole that way.

  • Trying out thinner el wire...

    ThinkLearnDo04/13/2022 at 03:53 0 comments

    Ordered up some 1.4 mm el wire, somewhere I read that thinner el wire has a tighter bend radius. It was a bit better but still not as tight as I would like... Going to have to think a bit more on what to try next.

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markcra wrote 04/13/2022 at 12:03 point

Cool project and something I'd like to try when my kids are little older. On the ideas for version 2 perhaps you could add sleeving (like heat shrink sleeving) to the el wire to mask off the section as it comes onto the board from the side. My worry with coming through a hole in the board is the minimum bend radius of your el wire seems pretty big.

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ThinkLearnDo wrote 04/14/2022 at 01:42 point

Thanks for the kind feedback :). I like the idea of adding sleeving, I'll have to try that out!

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