Load test of the pitch actuator aka worm gear

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Another mostly 3D printed windturbine

fabFab 04/15/2022 at 09:490 Comments

Possibly you remember the last construction of the pitch actuator for the first version of #WinDIY.

(If not you can see it for example here:

At that time I built four versions because after each version I thought that I had now found the perfect design (which of course I didn't have). 

That's why I want to test the new design more this time before using it in the final design. For this purpose I built a small test setup with which I can test the torque of the pitch actuator. I printed a wheel with a radius of 10cm and attached a rope to it. In order to determine the maximum torque I have attached various weights and determined at which weight the gearbox is blocked. The torque can then be calculated using the weight force of the attached weight. 

Result: The pitch actuator is strong enough for my application. But of course every gear also has a final boss. ⁣:)

The heaviest wheight was about 3kg. At that point I did also end the test since this should be already more than sufficient. :)

You can see the a summary of the test in the following video