Tester circuit

The circuit consists of an operational amplifier that polarises a MOSFET. The current is controlled by a voltage which is the positive input of the amplifier. This voltage is the voltage that is forced through the resistors, connected to the source terminal in the MOSFET, and therefore a current flows through the resistor, which polarises the transistor. Instead of 1 transistor, 2 transistors are placed in parallel to increase the current output.

The current has a maximum value of 1A (max discharge rate). The limiting elements are the MOSFET due to heat dissipation issues.

To measure the voltage in the battery a voltage divider is introduced so it can measure up to 10V. Also, a temperature sensor is set to be near the batteries or cells to monitor temperature during the test. If the temperature reaches a certain value the current flow is stopped.

User interface

The interface is a set of buttons that control the LCD through an interactive menu. This menu has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. The capabilities are optimized in the software in the Arduino so you can control the current flow. The Arduino is capable of saving data over the last 9 tests done.

The software can be updated to increase its functionalities if required. For example, integrating the PCB with Matlab for graph obtention or increasing the memory slots for the tests.

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