RF, automotive electronics, vacuum tubes, microwave, analog synth, microcontrollers...these are a few of my favorite things.

metro Detroit, MI
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Things I've Built

SeeMeCNC Huxley H-1 3D Printer

I bought this as a kit and assembled it with some help from my sons. What a blast! Heated bed upgrade, and working on an improved carriage. Polishing my rudimentary mechanical design skills and learning 1-2-3D...

Fairchild 7000A Nixie DMM true RMS upgrade

I regularly use this nice Nixie multimeter, but the original AC volts measurement was lacking (peak * 0.707). I made a completely new AC measurement card based on an Analog Devices AD636 True RMS converter. Now it's better than new!

HD63B03 Singleboard Computer

I found some cheap HD6303 (MC6801 compatible) MCU and thought it'd be fun to go back to the ancestor of the 6809, 68HC11, 6502... It was fun for a while but, gosh, what a lot of slogging to get anything done with a single index register!

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Michael Gardi wrote 09/16/2021 at 02:56 point

Thank you for your interest in my Sol-20 Reproduction project Tom.

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roelh wrote 12/06/2019 at 17:48 point

Hi Tom, thanks for liking the #4 bit TTL ALU !

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