An open-source, DIY-friendly Game Boy cartridge system

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Squareboi is an open hardware cartridge system for the Game Boy Color, made to be as accessible and DIY-friendly as possible. Using a handful of off-the-shelf components, it provides the same functionality as an original cartridge, compatible with the majority of programs. Additionally, an Arduino-based programmer allows for easy transfer of games and save data.


Up to 4MB ROM/32KB RAM storage space

Stores save data without needing a battery

Made of common, off-the-shelf parts

Programmer works as a general purpose cartridge reader

Easy to build: A basic version can be made with entirely through-hole components

Powered by a single 5V rail

The Squareboi source code and design files are available at:
  • 1 × ATF1502ASL Logic ICs / Programmable Logic: PLDs
  • 1 × SST29SF040 Memory ICs / FLASH Memory
  • 1 × M29F160FT Memory ICs / FLASH Memory
  • 1 × FM18W08 Memory ICs / Other Memory ICs

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Dixbit wrote 09/25/2022 at 18:29 point

Thank you ALXCO for this project, and especially the well documented manual in the github repo! I was mostly interested in using the Writeboi to dump RAM of the GB camera to get the pictures, and it worked flawlessly :)

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ALXCO-Hardware wrote 09/26/2022 at 23:15 point

No worries, happy to hear it was useful!

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