Assembling the keyboard

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I'm using an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to turn a Brother AX-25 typewriter into a fully-functional Linux terminal

RileyRiley 09/25/2022 at 02:260 Comments

The parts for my typewriter finally arrived!

My first attempt at assembling one of the PCBs was a failure. I broke one of the SMD multiplexers, and soldered another one at an angle, but I managed to solder one of them correctly. After this attempt, I decided I needed to take another approach.

For my second go at it, I decided to forgo the SMD multiplexers altogether, and wire up the multiplexers I used in the breadboard prototype using the silicone wire I got. I got the keyboard mostly assembled, but ran out of solder before finishing it.

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing the assembly of the keyboard, and hopefully have everything working!