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jamieJamie 09/14/2022 at 04:170 Comments

DIY or Buy?

My research (window shopping) has shown me that high quality motor mounts, the ones which are not likely to vibrate off mid-journey, are either ridiculously expensive or sold out. What separates a high quality mount from a low quality one in my eyes is a mounting profile specific for the brand of trucks used.

For example, the image above depicts the most common, low cost design sold by Chinese manufacturers. It features a round profile with grub screws used to clamp down on the truck. This is not a robust mechanism by any means, as the grub screws provide very little contact with the hanger, can be loosened easily by vibration, and if the grub screws are worn down, there is no means of constraining the motor mount to the hanger in the lateral plane. 

As a degree apprentice, luckily I have access (provided I sweet talk the technicians...) to my Uni's CNC machinery including a waterjet cutter. Theoretically this should allow me to design my ideal motor mount for a low cost. Time to design!


The motor mount must fulfil the following criteria:

Some optional features I'd also like to include are:


"There is no such thing as an original idea. Only improved versions of their predecessors"

(Paraphrased from a source I cannot remember)

Essentially, my plan here is not to start from scratch, but to draw inspiration from (i.e. strategic copying) existing designs born from the ESK8 community.




2) Eskating Europe

Electric skateboard motor mount by Eskating Europe



3) MBoards

Premium Motor Mount



4) Nexusboards

Caliber Street Electric Skateboard Motor Mount – Nexus Boards



5) Boardnamics

Boardnamics New Caliber II Motor Mounts - New Items For Sale - Electric  Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-boardPros:


6) Boardnamics (with Idler)

Caliber II Motor Mount with Idler Tensioner | Boardnamics



7) Alien Drive Systems

Alien Drive System | New: Universal Bolt-on Motor Mount Design - ESK8 Parts  Market - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own  E-board




I'm sure there are a whole host of other designs out there that I haven't researched deep enough to find, however this should cover a good 80% of the different species of caliber motor mount on the market. 

It is clear that the Boarnamics motor mount with idler meets all the success criteria, so the next step is to replicate the design for my own build.