11/30/2022 - 3D printer design

A project log for Making a literal digital clock

This is the start of a bigger project, splitting it up in different pieces. Sit back and relax, its gonna take some time ;-)

flamefireflamefire 11/30/2022 at 03:030 Comments

Ooooh finally! My favorite part is designing the 3D model. I have used Solidworks. The Clock will be able to be setup on the wall, however I have also made a version meant for the desk.

These designs are almost done. Although I'm concerned with the hour and minute pointers being to close to the backside. The motor leaves very little space to be playing with. With the PCB at 1.6mm and the backside at 1.4mm thickness, and the space between PCB and backside, there will probably be 0.5mm. That leaves 0.5mm for the innermost pointer to the backside. Conclusion ... I will fix this problem somehow. I also need 3 buttons on the back