We are implementing a network of wireless low-power air quality sensors to deploy in the city of Magurele, Romania. This will give citizens and authorities live feedback of our collective behaviour's impact on the air we breathe. Live and historic data will be available through a publicly available web interface. Related projects:

This project covers the online interface that citizens can use to check the air quality.

Current implementation uses simulated data and can be seen at


Sensors transmit their data wirelessly using LoRaWAN. In this instance LoRaWAN connectivity is provided through The Things Network, but a local ChirpStack implementation could also work. Data is forwarded using a webhook to AWS where it is unpacked by a Lambda function and stored into a DynamoDB table. Users interact with a static website hosted in an S3 bucket that shows a map that is provided by the AWS Location service. JavaScript code in the webpage queries AWS Gateway endpoints that pull sensor data from the DynamoDB table and display it on the map.