Open Source 3D printed wheelchair

Our project consists in creating an Open Source model of wheelchair which can be printed on plastic using a 3D printer.

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Open Medical Designs is a Spanish initiative that supports the development of projects based on Open Source. Our main goal is encouraging people to use 3D printing in order to create new products in the field of health.
In our project, we are creating an Open Source model of wheelchair which can be printed on plastic using a 3D printer. We need people to support our work and help us in improving our wheelchair prototype to make it cheaper and more competitive. To do so, you would need some knowledge in how to use software such as FreeCAD.
CHECK OUT our topic on the OpenBioMedical forum:

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    Step 1

    Our prototype wheelchair is divided into separate pieces designed to be printed separately. After printing, the chair will be mounted using 2.5 mm diameter metal screws. To explain how the chair should be mounted, we have numbered each of the pieces in an image of the gallery.

    First, we introduce the upper part of the object 10 in the object 9 together with the supports that hold it in position. Now, we introduce all this in the circular slots of the objects 3 and 4. Next, we join the objects 1 and 2 using a screw and insert the second object into the upper slots of objects 3 and 4. Meanwhile, we introduce the shock absorber spring into object 3 and place object 6 with its corresponding wheel in object 4. In addition, we introduce the lower part of the object 10 together with its supports in the object 5. Next, we attach the object 5 to the structure that we have already assembled. Finally, place objects 7 and 8 using screws.

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