• input voltage 5-24V
  • supported fans: 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin
  • RPM reading
  • PWM signal to control the fan speed
  • OLED display with working details and animation.
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor connector
  • the footprint for different fan connectors

The controller has an OLED display to show the current temperature, programmed limits as well as fan RPM and PWM duty cycle (if supported by the fan) and animation when the fan is working.

A fan is turned on when the sensor temperature reaches the ON temperature. The initial duty cycle is 25% and reaches 100% increasing RPMs with the end range temperature. The fan is turned off when the sensor falls below the OFF temperature.

To program the working range user has to hold the onboard switch for 2s until a value is blinking. By clicking the button the value is increased until reaches the maximum and goes back to the minimum. To change the next parameter switch has to be pressed and hold again. The cycle continues until all three parameters have been set.

The board features a changeable screen orientation. To rotate the display switch has to be held during boot-up until rotations have been changed and the program reboots.