Reverting Back to H/W CPU V1

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A hardware controlled 4 bit CPU based on lessons learnt from the TD4 and the CHUMP CPUs

agpcooperagp.cooper 12/15/2022 at 11:220 Comments

Reverting Back to H/W CPU V1

H/W CPU V1 has the paged Program Counter (PC) and most of the control hardware of H/W CPU V2/V3, I just have to delete the ALU tristate buffer, and edit the memory model.

I will call this version V4:

If you want to see meaningless "computer lights" flashing, here is the LogiSim animation: 

The code been run is slightly more complicated than the minimum just to check some other  instructions:

20    LOAD  0            ; Clear ACC
AF    Store MEM[F]       ; Output ACC
01    ADD   1            ; ACC<=ACC+1
A0    STORE MEM[0]       ; MEM[0]<=ACC 
C0    READ  0            ; ADDR<=0, preset memory fetch address
AF    STORE MEM[F]       ; Output ACC
82    JNC   X2           ; Jump if no carry
00    ADD   0            ; Clear carry
81    JNC   X1           ; Unconditional jump

The op codes are:

Missing Op Codes?

You may think I am missing op codes such as SHR etc. But no, ADD and NAND are all you need. The rest can be synthesized from ADD and NAND. XOR is included because it needs 14 instructions to read from memory two operands, and to write to memory the resultant. XOR needs 5 instructions to do the same task.

Still, XOR could be swapped out for another instruction.