A short demo using python-kasa to control a Kasa EP10 WiFi smart plug, using a Pi.


  1. provision the EP10 using the kasa CLI.
  2. Configure the python code for smart plug device name, location, off time.
  3. start a Pi cron job that executes the python code.
  4. watch a lamp go on around sunset, and off awhile later. Whee!

OS tested:

  • Windows 10 (py 3.8), Ubuntu 22.04 (py 3.10), Raspberry Pi OS 11 bullseye on Pi 3B+ (py 3.9).

In the python code user supplies:

  1. smart plug name (alias). Use kasa CLI to provision. This is optional but convenient.
  2. Your location lat/lon (use google map.)
  3. off time (24 hr, hh:mm), in this example 12:05 am.
  4. adj min before/after sunset (+/- up to 15 min or so), in this example 5 min before sunset.


  • When running on a Pi it's desired to run in the background upon bootup. Supplied is a simple cron.d script to do this on a Pi.
  • If there's a power fail/restore the home router may take several minutes to reboot and acquire network devices. On a Pi delay code startup a few minutes to allow for this.


  • On startup,
  • compare local time to on/off time and today's sunset, and turn plug on/off accordingly (in case Pi reboot.) plug_state = on/off

main loop:

  • if plug_state=on, calc S seconds to off time
  • else, calc S seconds to on time (sunset) with any adjust
  • sleep S seconds
  • (awaken)
  • flip plug_state state
  • plug = plug_state (on/off)


  • Not much error checking, exits if plug isn't found on startup.
  • Removing (unplugging) plug will cause an exception. Code requires try /  except SmartDeviceException error handling.

Modules likely needing install:

  • pip install suntime
  • pip install python-kasa

On github:


------------------------ provisioning notes ---------------------------------------------

For kasa CLI commands, refer to https://python-kasa.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cli.html#provisioning

First find the plug's wifi and connect to its network (use a laptop), its wifi SSID ends with its 4-digit MAC.

  • Example: TP-LINK_Smart Plug_8714

Provision to your main router on

kasa --host wifi join 'your network SSID' --password routerspasswordorhexdigits

Shorten alias name:

kasa --alias "TP-LINK_Smart Plug_8714" alias "Plug_8714"

Test, turn on:

kasa --alias "Plug_8714" on