MicroKeyboard is a small customizable keyboard/mouse. Based on ArduinoMicro.

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MicroKeyboard is a small customizable keyboard/mouse.

Based on ArduinoMicro, it allows you to choose the function to be associated with each single key, including encoder and thumbstick.

On board the board you'll find a two-axis thumbstick with push button, a push button encoder, and five Cherry MX-style buttons. Each of the 5 buttons has a led connected to a PWM output of the micro in order to create an infinity of light effect.

Also you will find a connector with the remaining free pins of the micro including I2C and UART port.

The SCL and SDA pins are pulled-up from R8 and R9 (10k). If you want to interface a device via I2C or UART port that works at 3.3v you will need a level adapter.

Remember Arduino Micro works at 5v, if you decide to power the board from the external port remember that VIN must be between 7 and 12v!


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  • 5 × Cherry MX1A
  • 1 × Joystick (PS4 model)
  • 1 × EC11 Rotary Encoder
  • 2 × R 10k (0805)
  • 2 × C 0.1uF (0805)

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