lan for [FINAL TO BE DETERMINED BY A VOTE but DBA: Open Source Experimenal SETI Space Foundation Not-for-Profit / Explicit Not-for-Profit Conversion): 

Executive Summary:

[Foundation Name] is a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland with the primary goal of seeking extraterrestrial signals through the launch of satellites and probes into space. Our mission is to enhance our understanding of the universe and potentially discover signs of intelligent life beyond our planet. Our foundation will seek membership donations and crowdfunding to fund our space exploration initiatives.

Revenue Model:

Our revenue model will primarily rely on membership donations and crowdfunding campaigns. We will offer various membership tiers to cater to different levels of donations, with exclusive perks and benefits for higher-tier members. Additionally, we will host regular crowdfunding campaigns for specific projects, with incentives for backers such as commemorative merchandise or access to exclusive content.

Proposal Solicitation:

In addition to our primary revenue model, we will solicit proposals from our members and individuals who sign up for lower-tier memberships. We will consider proposals from anyone, including students, professionals, and hobbyists, for any novel types of signal detection, signal transmission, telemetry components, communication components, and propulsion components. Our foundation will provide support and guidance to help these individuals develop and bring their ideas to fruition.

Board and Partnerships:

We will seek partnerships with other organizations in the space exploration industry to enhance our expertise and resources. We will also invite interested individuals to sit on our board to contribute to our mission and provide guidance and expertise.

Non-Profit Status:

[Foundation Name] will always remain a non-profit organization and will never seek to convert into a profit-making venture. We will ensure transparency in our operations and finances, and all donations will be used solely for our space exploration initiatives.

Membership Goals:

Our foundation aims to have no fewer than 30,000 members. We believe that this goal is attainable through effective marketing and outreach strategies, as well as providing attractive perks and benefits to our members.

The Initial Board of the Foundation

The initial Boards of the Foundation and it's day to day officers shall be chosen by the Founder(s) and shall serve a term of ten years. They may choose to step down and should the membership goals have been met a replacement will be elected by the  voting tier  (not super expensive but higher than a basic level but the basic level will allow that member to submitbsreiosu mission objectives, methodologies, novel comport that meet NASA, ESA and other requirements for durability and suitablity in space. The Foundation may in it's sole discretion pay for such fitness certification. Thiis Will allow all members  regardiless of thier financial ability the chance to "show off their stuff". Hardship memberships shall be considered will be considered on a decretionary basis.

Foundation Sustainability and Code of Ethics 

We will use the least harmful propellants where possible. Anything placed into orbit will be equipment with a de-orbit burn system and if possible an electromagnet will be attached and a mirror orbit will be obtained and the magnetic charged to pull any possible space debit into a full burn-up tragedy so as to not even remotely impwft a population area. Workers, be they in Switzerland or another country shall be required to work at the foreign registered non-profit offcir (for donations to be deductedable -fair) shall receive major health if their country does not have some form of universal carri, an country specific adjusted living wage, and will work a a full-time job hour day, exceptions made fkr health reasons and either required or a...

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