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My goal is to create an always-on Discord ChatGPT bot in Python, running on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, which users on my Discord can query any time. But I don't know how. So I'm turning to ChatGPT to walk me through the steps.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero 2 The computer we will use to host the bot
  • 1 × 32 GB MicroSD card The drive we will use to run the python script
  • 1 × USB cable and 5v adapter Power for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2
  • 1 × Paper mache skull Or any object to hold the Raspberry Pi Zero 2
  • 1 × MicroSD card reader For imaging the SD card on your other computer

  • 1
    Create a Discord server

    To create a Discord server, you need to open the Discord application, log in to your account, click on the "+" button, select "Create a Server", choose a name and icon, create any roles you need, create channels based on your needs, and then invite people to join your server.

  • 2
    Create a Discord bot account

    Start by creating a new bot account in the Discord Developer Portal. After you've created the account, make sure to keep track of the bot token. You'll need this token later on to authenticate your bot.

  • 3
    Set up your Raspberry Pi

    Set up your Raspberry Pi Zero 2 by using the Raspberry Pi Imager for MacOS to configure your internet network, and enable SSH with the user pi and the password pi, then install Raspberry Pi OS Lite to run headless.

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logintochatgpt4 wrote 06/08/2023 at 21:21 point


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wrote 05/19/2023 at 19:44 point


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Richard Hogben wrote 04/26/2023 at 18:03 point

Is the skull required?

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Mx. Jack Nelson wrote 04/26/2023 at 18:33 point

1000% ;)

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wrote 05/19/2023 at 19:44 point


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