The Main Problem

The main problem associated with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) symptoms is the noticeable decline in cognitive abilities that go beyond what is considered a normal age-related change. MCI is often considered a transitional stage between the cognitive changes of normal aging and the more severe impairments of dementia. One of the primary symptoms of MCI is memory impairment. This may manifest as forgetfulness, difficulty remembering recent events or conversations, or trouble recalling information.

Some people with MCI are required to take medicines and they must be consumed on time, both for the MCI disease they are suffering from, or other diseases that the patient is also suffering from. Taking medicines on time will be very useful because some medicines are designed to work effectively when taken at certain time intervals. This will maximize the therapeutic effect in the user's body.

This is of course very difficult to do well for people with MCI because there are limitations in remembering certain things or events that must be done. Even though taking medication on time will provide many benefits for people with MCI if done properly.


We offer a simple but very effective solution to help people with MCI to take their medicine at the time prescribed by the doctor. The solution offered is an integrated reminder system that will provide notifications to the user regarding the time when he has to take the medicine. The system will provide information about the time, type of medicine, and the amount that must be consumed by the user so that sufferers of MCI can independently take the medicine properly.

The system is in the form of a small robot that will display the information provided for the user and a watch that will give a notification in the form of vibration when the time to take the drug has arrived.