Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist, inventor and medical researcher. He is known for his microscopes, which he claimed could observe live microorganisms but also by an electronic device constructed by him called the Rife Machine, which according to his claims, is capable of curing very serious and incurable diseases.

In two of my previous videos on this topic (How to make Оriginal Plasma Rife Mchine,  and DIY Advanced Plasma Rife Machine ),

I described how I made such devices, one with a simpler construction and the other more complex, with advanced functions. This time I will try to describe to you in more detail the simplest and cheapest way to make such a device, and for its making I will use components that can be easily obtained. 

Of course, in order to make it yourself, you must have at least basic knowledge in the field of electronics. If you decide to make this device, it is advisable to watch the previously mentioned videos to make many things clearer.
  Basically, Rife Machine consists of several Parts

  This part serves to generate a series of frequencies with a certain duration that depend on the type of treatment and type of disease. For this purpose, we will use the personal computer as the simplest solution, and with the help of advanced Free software, we will send the frequencies to the modulator through the sound card. The software is "Frex 16" ,and you can freely download it at the given address.

The application contains a large database with ready-made Rife frequency sequences for various diseases. We can search for the disease according to the initial letter or through the search tab. Very useful function is that we can assign our own frequency sequence, which is not contained in the given database. We can choose different shapes of the signal: sine wawe, square wave, triangle wave, saw tooth positive, and saw tooth negative. It have also white niose generator. In practice, rectangular and saw tooth negative are mostly used. In the video, the method of installation and use is described in more detail.
    For this purpose, I use a TL494 PWM modulator Integrated Circuit and a IRF740 or similar Power Mosfet Transistor as signal amplifier. 

   At the input, we bring the signal from the PC sound card, which are actually the Riffe frequencies that are modulated by the carrier. With the first potentiometer is regulated the degree of modulation(Gain), and with the other, the carrier frequency. We can change the carrier frequency in the range from 20 to 200 MHz. Then this summed signal is amplified by power transistor which is mounted on an aluminum board for cooling, and fed to the primary winding of a high voltage transformer.

 3. THE HV TRANSFORMER can be taken for example from an old CRT monitor or TV, from a copy machine as in my case, or we can get it from an electronic parts store or online.  If we use an HV transformer from an old monitor, we need to wind about 7 to 10 turns of lacquered copper wire with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 millimeters on the core (that will be the primary winding of the transformer). 

  The outputs of the HV transformer are connected directly to the plasma tube. For the CRT monitor trafo, Ground pin can be tested in such a way that when we turn on the circuit and bring the electrode closer to the pins, a spark of several centimeters will form at the correct Ground pin.
   4. And last part is PLASMA TUBE. 
     This part is the most difficult to obtain and is often the main reason for avoiding the construction of a Plasma Rife machine. Unfortunately, on the internet you can find countless "Rife" machines that work by holding metal electrodes in the hands, which is completely wrong and dysfunctional, because due to the "skin effect" the high-frequency current moves only on the surface...

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