1. Clock

    2.Text moving

    3.Gif animation

    4.Show  picture

    5.Sleep mode (Power saving mode, when left open for 3 minutes, turn off the screen.)

STEP1: Design and Build a prototype, try it out

1. Raspberry PICO ZERO



4.Batterry CR2032 x2

ST7789  1.14 "  Pinout

Test ST7789 

Now  software

STEP2: Circuit and PCB

Test results : 

      from the experiment can be used for more than 1 week, depending on the frequency of looking at the clock.

STEP 3: Assembly PCB

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NEW UPDATE 2023/9/10

Update the old Neck Watch to be rechargeable when the battery runs out and work continuously without interruption.


-Neck watch


-battery Charger




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