We will begin by placing all the elements required for building this wind turbine including links for where to buy at very competitive price the DC motors that will work as generators and the bearings.

- The number of bearings that are needed for the device are 13 units (8x22x7) and can be found at very affordable prices at AliExpress & Amazon.

.- The DC motor used is a Hilitand 31ZY 24V/3.500RPM permanent magnet and there are 2 links where it can be found. Please have in consideration that the total cost is reduced if you get several units instead of one at AliExpress & Amazon.

This Bi-Generator VAWT have simple printable parts and it is very easy to assemble. In any case there is a bunch of 3d pics that helps visually step by step to assemble all the components of the device.

It can be build at a much lower cost an array of this vertical wind turbines that are able to delivered from 20 watts to a maximum as 100 watts each VAWT depending of the amount of DC motors-generators & turbine blades type used (2 motors per VAWT for maximum wattage is required). If there is not much wind, the number of generators per unite can be reduced to one.

Down below there are posted several 3d pics that show picture by picture how to assemble all the components of this device. And just below this lines there are 3 youtube links of this device in action,

- Vertical wind turbine multi-generator device in action!!

- Top RPM

- Voltage Test


It is important to mention that the type of filaments that must be used are different for each item of the device. For the none moving parts a PLA filament would do right and for the moving elements like gears or turbine blades the ideal filament goes from ABS, Nylon to poly-carbonate due to friction, wind etc.

  • A new stl files has been updated with the name of ExtendExtensor.stl that consist of a turbine extension unit that can be linked with other extension units, so the turbine diameter can be extended more in case there is few wind available and you are using the 2 generators in the device.
  • Another important update has been done. There is a new stl file that is a shaft linker between the small gear and another smaller dc motor (uxcell RF-500TB-12560 DC5V-12V 2300RPM-5600RPM) to be used in case there is not a lot of wind available therefor allowing the turbines to spin much more easily. The stl files have the name,

*UpdateUxcell RF-500TB-Holder

*UpdateSmallGearUxcell RF-500TB-ShaftLinker

*SmallGearGeneratorShaftLinkerPerfectFit (There was an error in the diameter of the hole for the motor 31ZY shaft fit) It is fixed.


If there is few wind as might be in cities etc, it has been developed a gear system 3x1 so the rpm of the motors shaft will be lower therefore taking less load. This is ideal for regions where the wind do not blow strong.This gear range system is applied to both dc motor Uxcell RF-500TB-12560 DC5V-12V 2300RPM-5600RPM & Hilitand 31ZY




The STL files of each one of the components showed in the sequential images can be downloaded in the link below,


STL file for extending the blades