Processor Innovation Kompute Remote Operator.
A Computer From Another World.

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Project inspirations:
KayPro II

Project goals:
Portable lightweight all in one comunications unit for LoRa mesh/wifi/lte/ham/gmrs and dedicated writing terminal to get me in the mood for writing my stories.
First non toy prop build for personal fiction setting

Project limits:
Work with what I've got whenever possible, so far im allowing myself to buy two displays, and whatever fancy wood I decided to use. Ive got a bunch of the coms gear allready just need to bundle it up nicely, with a couple sbc

I have always been parial to the era of luggable pc, the kaypro the tandy, the Compaq with the lovely orange plazma. Im of the vintage to have drolled on the og ads while reading mags at the dentists office waiting room lol. I also loved the juxtaposition of tech and wood from the late 70s computers I saw at flea markets. My build is a what if those styles stuck around, what if PT make a luggab

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