As an aspiring computer engineer reaching the end of my college career, I find myself going through more and more career fairs and recruiting events than I ever expected. And while I've been prepared for these events by mentors and those more experienced than me, I've noticed that some of the advice they've given has become a bit outdated. For example, I went to my last career fair with 20 freshly printed copies of my resume, and I came out with 19 of them still in my hands. Nowadays, people prefer digital forms to be filled, or simply pdf files, and hard copies to be distributed are a thing of the past.

Even business cards, which I had seen hundreds of variations of over my lifetime, seemed like antiquated relics yet to be relegated. Through some more thought about this topic,  I realized there was a niche that I could fill as an engineer left behind by the vacuum of disappearing hard copies. After hearing about near-field communication (NFC) technologies and their potential, I came up with an idea for designing a printed circuit board (PCB) in the shape of a business card with NFC capabilities.

After looking into this topic more, I found that I was nowhere close to the first or only one to have this idea, though I still felt it was a uniquely practical and valuable project for me to work on. Taking much inspiration from, I designed a PCB with NFC capabilities to pursue this idea of updating older protocols and to learn as much as I could regarding PCB design.