Alpenglow Industries

We build tools for artisan yarn dyers, and funny & useful PCBs for makers and engineers. Founded by engineer Carrie Sundra.

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Things I've Built

The SkeinTwister

Twists a hank of yarn into that final twisted bundle of yarn that is the common put-up of indie dyers. Reduces the physical labor and repetitive motions of hand-twisting.

The SkeinMinder

Automates table-top yarn winders, adding industrial-level automation to equipment indie dyers already own.

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Alpenglow Industries wrote 06/27/2021 at 05:36 point

No problem!  That reminds me - it might be cool to add a link to the original Mystifier pamphlet in the project.  And I wonder if your initial re-creation wasn’t random because the resistors were too well matched.  That can be a problem with astable multivibrators if 1% resistors are used - they never start because the circuit relies on a slight bit of asymmetry initially.

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