Droiko is a high technology gaming micro drone.

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What is Droiko?

Droiko is a high technology gaming micro drone. There are many drones out there that you can fly around, but with Droiko you get to PLAY GAMES, single player or multiplayer.
These games include laser combats, drone racing, challenges, and many more games like capture the flag or defend your base.
Some of the games are only possible thanks to Droiko's main accessory: Checkpoints. These little boxes are used to define special areas during gaming, for example: control points for your customized racing track or your base where you can land to refill simulated ammunition.
Droiko can be flown using our free App in your smartphone or using any standard RC transmitter, and a beginner mode can

Laser Battles

Each Droiko features a low power laser pointer combined with an infrared marker, used as the main weapon in drone combats. The laser pointer helps you aim while the infrared marker creates a large beam to hit other Droikos.
It also features several infrared detectors in order to automatically detect when it has been hit by another Droiko.
Droiko also features simulated proximity weapons, this means it can emit a short range radio-frequency signal that "hits" nearby Droikos.
Depending on the battle mode you are playing, Droiko will react in a different way once it is hit. For example: it can simulate damages, make control harder, count points or fall down to the ground while turning, just like real helicopters.
Checkpoints are optional for drone combats, but they surely add variety and fun to the battles. They can be used to define repair zones or a hard to reach area where you get upgraded weapons, just to list a few examples. Checkpoints can also be used as laser targets, enabling single player battle training.

Drone Racing

Create you own racing track and race your friends to win the fastest Droiko racing pilot title, or practice by yourself to improve your flying. You can select from different racing rules, and even play "Mario Kart" style drone races enabling Droiko weapons.
Don't be afraid to play indoor racing, any room is suitable, because Droiko propellers are totally safe, it will survive crashes and you won't break anything.
Checkpoints are optional for drone racing, but highly recommended. You can use them to define the control points of your racing track, and they will automatically time your laps, check that no player is skipping any control point and announce the winner. If you want they can also be used to pick up weapons mid race, just like Mario Kart. Checkpoints are also very useful when playing single player races versus the timer.

More Drone Gaming

Apart from drone racing and drone battles, you will be able to play many other games and challenges with Droiko, both single player and multiplayer.
Although some games are playable without Checkpoints, this is the part where they stand out the most, enabling endless gaming possibilities.
Some examples of games that can be played without Checkpoints include: Chasing, Survival and Altitude Challenge.
In Chasing game a Droiko has to fly away from another Droiko following him, automatically detecting when they are close enough or not.
In Survival game one or several Droikos have to stay up in the air the longest time possible, while hard piloting conditions are simulated, for example changing wind or inverted controls.
The Altitude Challenge is an outdoor hard to win challenge, the App will tell you a pattern of altitudes (1-3-5-1 meters for example) and you must try to visually fly Droiko to those altitudes in the shortest time possible.
Checkpoints enable much more complex games, like for example Capture the Flag, Base Defend, Rescue Challenge or Sumo Fight.
In Capture the Flag, two or more Droikos have to capture a central Checkpoint and go back to their base, while avoiding the enemy weapons.
In Base Defend, a Droiko has to defend its Checkpoint defined base from one or more enemy Droikos that try to destroy it.
Rescue Challenge is a simulated rescue mission. You will have to fly several trips from a mountain (defined by a Checkpoint) to a hospital (defined by another Checkpoint) in order to rescue all the people in danger, in the shortest time.
Sumo Fight is a simple battle variation game, where you have to take down your enemy without leaving a defined small area, simulating a sumo ring.
You can also customize each game rules and create your own. We will keep developing new games and try to implement the new ideas backers come up with.

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  • Project logs

    Cactus Robotics01/23/2017 at 14:45 0 comments

    Key Features

    • Ready to use gaming drone, just take it out of the box and start playing. No assembly no soldering required.
    • Laser + IR marker and proximity weapons.
    • Double coaxial propellers for higher stability and longer flight times.
    • Swashplate mechanism to allow for movements in every direction.
    • Fly it using your smartphone or any standard RC transmitter (using a bridge Checkpoint).
    • Fly it indoors or outdoors (if there is no wind).
    • High end sensors for higher stability, automatic altitude and easier flying.
    • Almost unbreakable, very easy and cheap to replace damaged parts in case of extreme crashes.
    • High performance, swappable battery for 12+ minutes of flight time with a single charge and unlimited gaming changing batteries.
    • Light weight (<50 grams) so it can be flown anywhere and does not need FAA registration.
    • Fully safe propellers for kids, pets and objects.
    • Checkpoints to define special areas in games.
    • Laser battles, drone racing and many other games.
    • Fully open source product, both hardware and software.
    • Learning platform for drone piloting, electronics and coding.
    • Customizable, hackable and expandable.


    You can control Droiko from your smartphone using our free Droiko App, available for Android 4.3+ and iOS 5+ devices.
    The Droiko App is used to connect to Droiko, change its configuration, start new games, fly it, show relevant game info, and also to update Droiko's and Checkpoints' firmware.
    It is very flexible: you can customize game rules, select piloting difficulty and change control modes. You can decide if you prefer to pilot it using your fingers on the screen, or maybe prefer to control it turning and tilting the phone, or a combination of both methods. You can also select from different piloting difficulties depending on your experience and ability to fly drones, from very automated flying with automatic altitude and limited speed, to manual mode for expert pilots.
    Control range depends on the smartphone used, but on our tests 30-50 meters is no problem, and it already becomes quite difficult to see Droiko at those distances.
    We wanted to keep Droiko as affordable as possible, and as light as possible, so there is no on-board camera. Droiko is always piloted in visual line of sight.
    Droiko can also be controlled using any standard RC transmitter, but a Checkpoint is needed as communication bridge. Just connect your RC receiver to the Checkpoint expansion port, no extra batteries needed because the Checkpoint will power up your receiver. Using this control option range increases up to 100 meters or more.
    A dedicated Droiko Gamepad will be available in the future, check the Stretch Goals section.

    Droiko Technical Specs

    • Double coaxial 19 cm diameter propeller with stabilizer bar.
    • Servo actuated swashplate mechanism.
    • Double high power, high efficiency DC geared motors.
    • Low power laser pointer.
    • IR led marker and several IR receivers.
    • High power RGB led.
    • 1 cell 3.7V, 300 mAh, high performance LiPo battery, 30 minutes charging time.
    • USB programming port.
    • nRF52832 Arm Cortex M4-F 32bit 64MHz MCU.
    • MPU9250 9 axis Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer.
    • LPS22HB high precision barometer.
    • High efficiency motor, servo and led controllers.
    • High quality PCB and pasive components.
    • Total weight including battery of 45 grams.
    • 23 x 13 x 13 cm dimensions, including propellers, stabilizer bar and tail.

    Checkpoint Technical Specs

    • High power RGB led.
    • IR receiver.
    • Expansion port.
    • USB programming port.
    • On-Off switch.
    • 1 cell 3.7V, 300 mAh, high performance LiPo battery, 30 minutes charging time.
    • nRF52832 Arm Cortex M4-F 32bit 64MHz MCU.
    • LPS22HB high precision barometer.
    • High efficiency led controller.
    • High quality PCB and pasive components.
    • Total weight including battery of 25 grams.
    • 6 x 4 x 2 cm dimensions.

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