Both halves of the computer when split open

Initial fitment and welding of the metal parts.

Layout of the computer bits

Custom CAN board for interfacing with the Freefly SL-8 batteries.  Uses STM32F091 processor.  Disconnects charger power and shuts off battery via CAN when computer shuts down, sends battery telemetry to the computer via CDC, and can stop disable charging past a user specified state of charge when computer is plugged in.

CAN protocol published by Freefly here:

The screen was an old ACER display I had laying around.  The goal with it was to be powered by DC from the battery as well as flat on the back so that the internals could be inside of the body of the computer.  I unfortunately managed to miss taking photos of the display before taking it apart.  I de-soldered the control circuitry from the power supply electronics, which were connected via a daughterboard.  I then probed for all of the DC-rails going into the screen controller board and used off-the-shelf DC-DC converters for each of these: 12V rail, 5V rail and a second 5V rail.  

On the display controller board, the panel was connected with two ribbon cables.  One of which (LCD) was already long enough to fit when re-located to the bottom of the computer.  For the second (backlight), I found a lengthened ribbon cable on digikey.