My New Best Friend, SendCutSend

A project log for Woody the Electric Four Passenger Bicycle

Woody is a scratch built quad wheel bicycle with four passenger capacity, with electric power to assist pedaling.

john-guyJohn Guy 08/10/2023 at 18:590 Comments

One of the elements of the previous bike which failed were the dropouts. I had considered an epic effort with saw, grinder, and drill etc. to make my own, but decided to give SendCutSend a try. I designed the dropouts in Visio, exported to DXF, and uploaded to SCS. About a week later I had exactly what I wanted:

In upper left is the disc side dropout. The disc tab is a separate piece, allowing attachment after the frame is built to ensure correct alignment. This is an IS mount disc, and will utilize adapters to the post mount brakes from the donor bike. There is also a torque arm, with 5 holes to allow bolting to the dropout.

In lower left is the derailleur side dropout, shown on inside. Holes were added for lightening , and the two screw eyes are for a derailleur guard. Below is the screw eyes after tapping.

Also shown are some dummy axles, hand ground with 10mm flats. These will be used during welding to ensure better alignment of the dropouts.