Remarkably, the total expenditure incurred in the creation of this robot hovers around the $500 range, rendering it remarkably accessible for many enthusiasts. Employing a CR-10 printer for the fabrication, it's worth noting that the printed parts might require some refining through sanding, as the design takes inspiration from the Poppy humanoid while featuring the distinctive Reachy Humanoid head.

While the robot boasts ROS (Robot Operating System) capabilities, my current lack of proficiency in ROS compelled me to opt for programming using an Arduino. Additionally, I integrated the potential to utilize a HiWonder servo controller, complemented by a PS2 handle, thereby enabling the programming of a myriad of functions and actions.

The robot does use some unorthodox methods like drilling a hole into the bottom of a servo to add a bolt:

The roller base for the robot is made from wood and has caster wheels at the end of it and there is a PVC pipe that runs through the body for extra support