• Mass Production

    Wim Van Gool06/20/2024 at 06:18 0 comments

    Mass production

    We've finally pulled the trigger and placed the order for mass production! The boards have arrived and are available in our Lectronz store.

    More information regarding which IDE you can use or all the technical documents can be found on our website.


    All boards have been tested and programmed at the end of the assembly line by our own small programmer with pogo-pins. The test firmware can be found on the GitHub repository.


    We've also received the OSHW certificate thereby making it an official open source hardware design!

  • Prototypes Assembled

    Wim Van Gool10/09/2023 at 10:12 0 comments

    We finally found the time to assemble the 3 prototypes.

    Hans did a quick test and got everything working as intended. Even the tiny 1x1mm WS2812 LED is working!

  • Prototype PCBs

    Wim Van Gool09/22/2023 at 14:50 0 comments

    Hooray, the prototype PCBs and stencil arrived. All parts are on the way so its just a matter of putting all the components on there and start the testing!