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    Introducing MicroMote: The ESP-Now Based Gesture Remote

    Are you ready to take control of your smart devices with a wave of your hand? Look no further than MicroMote, the revolutionary ESP32 S3-based Gesture Remote. This innovative and compact device, measuring just 4cm, is set to transform the way you interact with your smart electronic appliances, lamps, and more.

    Key Features:

    • ESP32 S3 Powerhouse: MicroMote is powered by the ESP32 S3, a cutting-edge microcontroller that offers enhanced performance and efficiency for seamless communication with your smart devices.
    • Gesture Sensing Technology: With a built-in gesture sensor, MicroMote lets you control your devices with simple hand movements. Wave your hand to adjust the volume, change the channel, or dim the lights – it's like magic at your fingertips.
    • ESP-NOW Protocol: MicroMote utilizes the ESP-NOW protocol for ultra-fast and reliable communication with other devices. Say goodbye to the hassle of complex pairing processes and enjoy instant connectivity.
    • Compact and Portable: MicroMote's small form factor makes it incredibly portable and easy to carry in your pocket or attach to your keychain. Take it with you wherever you go and have control over your devices no matter where you are.
    • Wide Compatibility: MicroMote is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of smart electronic appliances, lamps, and more. It's your all-in-one remote for a connected world.
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    1x Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3

    1x Seeed Studio Grove Smart IR Gesture Sensor

    1x Small 3.7v Lithium Polymer Battery

    1x Small Screw

    1x 3D Printed Housing

    1x 3D Printed Cover

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    Gesture Sensor Operating Plane

    The gesture operation distance is 15 to 30 cm, the farthest cannot exceed 35 cm. Based on Sensor FOV 78.3° (horizontal) and 62.9°(vertical), and the operating area is 48 x 36 cm² at 30 cm.

    In addition to the distance to the sensor, you also need to pay attention to where the sensor is placed. On the front of the sensor, in the upper left corner, there is a small human shape. If you see the figure standing upright, then you have placed it in the correct position. If it is upside down, then it is likely that you will not get an accurate recognition result.

    As background noise may impact the accuracy of gesture recognition, it is recommended to avoid the relative higher reflective background object behind the palm. In normal gesture recognition condition, recommend at least 35cm distance between palm and background.