IKEA Sand art painting table

The sand painting table is a truly magical piece of jewelry for every living room.

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A sand painting table is a truly magical piece of jewelry for every living room. It combines playful creativity, sophisticated technology and elegant design. As a salon table, it fits perfectly into the ambience of any living room, but its true fascination lies in its inner core. A mystical ball makes its way through the sand, leaving behind artistic, playful patterns that inspire your imagination. This unique table invites everyone to play and dream. What pattern do you draw in the sand?

In principle, this robot can be compared to a 2D plotter. Based on a coordinate system, a magnet underneath the table top is moved on two axes. The magnet causes the ball placed in the sand to roll around as if by magic. The ball leaves behind arbitrary patterns and line drawings without the technology being in the foreground.
The drawing templates can be transferred to the table in the form of GCODE via WiFi. The salon table is equipped with stylish RGB LEDs to make the contours of the drawing appear in all possible colors and create a stylish ambience in the living room.

The table is based on a hollowed out IKEA Lack coffee table filled with sand, which is provided with an intermediate level using 3D printed components. This level contains the technology necessary for moving the ball: linear rails, stepper motors, toothed belts, limit switches, magnet, ESP32-based controller and power supply.

The lighting is based on RGB LED strips embedded in profiles. The table is finally covered with a bespoke glass top to maintain the function of a salon table and give a high quality appearance.

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    BINGOBRICKS11/28/2023 at 14:22 0 comments

    Currently, I'm working on building instructions. So you will be able to reproduce this truly magic table by yourself. Give me some time... I will report, as soon as the instructions are ready.

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KMERFOREVER25 wrote 01/25/2024 at 19:29 point

Hi... If you need some help with the documentation, or need it translated into spanish.... It will be a pleasure!!!

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couturega wrote 11/23/2023 at 19:10 point

Very imaginative project. Congratulations.

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BINGOBRICKS wrote 11/24/2023 at 17:02 point

Thank you!

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ViPeR5000 wrote 11/23/2023 at 00:07 point

You will share more details?

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BINGOBRICKS wrote 11/24/2023 at 17:03 point

Yes, I will. But it takes some time to document the project...

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Marcelo Ruiz Camauër wrote 11/22/2023 at 18:47 point

Beautiful, you should market this for bars and restaurants!

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BINGOBRICKS wrote 11/22/2023 at 20:28 point


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