CH32V003 Dev Kit

CH32V003 Dev Kit is a development board that allows developers to evaluate all the interfaces available on the MCU

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CH32V003 Dev Kit is a development board that allows developers to evaluate all the interfaces available on CH32V003 MCU.

Dev Kit has the following features:

✅ USB C Interface for Power (5V)
✅ On Board 3.3V LDO
✅ I2C - Temperature Humidity Sensor
✅ I2C - Qwiik Connector for connecting external sensor boards
✅ I2C - OLED Display (0.96" 128x64 Pixels)
✅ SPI - NOR Flash
✅ GPIO - I/P - Keys
✅ GPIO - O/P - LED, Buzzer
✅ 3 Pin header for WCH-LinkE Programmer
✅ 20 Pin MCU Breakout on headers

I have created a Tutorial Series so anyone interested in Ch32V003 can learn it easily.

Why did I create this Dev Kit?

Recently, I started exploring CH32V003 as it is an ultra-low-cost MCU with an RISCV core. 

When I learned about this MCU, I was unsure whether I should invest time as it is a Chinese microcontroller. 

But then, when I saw that the English Datasheet is available, MounRiver Studio IDE is available in English and example codes are also available, I decided to try it.

I asked one of my friends to get me the MCU breakout board and the programmer as he was going to China, and Aliexpress doesn't work in India(It is banned)

After many delays due to various reasons, I got the board and programmer in Sep 2023. Then, I started exploring the MCU by reviewing the datasheet and Reference Manual and trying some existing code.

While exploring all the interfaces like GPIO as input, output, I2C, and SPI, I realized that without a proper development board which allows developers to have access to devices with the help of which he/she can explore that particular interface, it becomes very difficult.

I had to arrange different boards and connect via wires, and the logic analyzer probing was quite challenging.

That was when the thought came to my mind there should be a dev board with various interfaces and sensors so that it is easy to evaluate all the interfaces without needing anything else.

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