Quantity   Component name
2 × Chassis 2 pieces carbon steel approximately 20" in length 3/16 thick. I started with 8mm standoffs from Harfington that were 208mm long. The original application for the standoffs were for glass structures. However, I applied the standoffs as chassis connecters which worked fine. Once I realized those standoffs were not long enough, I replaced them with four 1 foot long stress proof hex rods (7/16 w) that i drilled and tapped manually.
2 × Axles For the drive axle, I used an 8mm round aluminum rod. For the spider axle, I originally used a 5mm steel round rod. Both axles are around 15 inches in length and have not been cut to size at the time
9 × Gears 80 tooth 2mm pitch synchronous timing pulley 10mm bore, 2x 20 tooth 3mm pitch pulley 10mm bore, 2x 20 tooth 2mm pitch pulley 8mm bore, 2x 20 tooth 3mm pitch pulley 5mm bore, 2x 20 tooth 2mm pitch idler pulleys 5mm bore
5 × Bearings 4x 8mm bore pillow blocks, 4x 5mm bore pillow blocks, 10x 8mm round bearings, 2x 8mm x 50mm linear bearings, 10x 8mm x 10mm x 10mm sleeve bearings
3 × Structure 2x 1/4 x 3 x 12 inches 6061 aluminum plate, 2x 1/4 x 4 x 14 inches 6061 aluminum plate, aluminum tube 19mm inner diameter 25mm outer
1 × Wheels 4x Duratrax Warthog 5.7" 24mm black ripper