First test (and more software discoveries)

A project log for Minimal Pico Vertical Plotter

Building and improving a Raspberry Pi Pico-based, wall-hanging vertical plotter.

andy-piperAndy Piper 10/31/2023 at 12:150 Comments

I printed a small case for the protoboard, but need to design something that will also hold the motor drivers, currently attached via tape...

While looking for more GCode sender alternatives to UGS, I also stumbled across Inkcut. I had an installation issue where it needed a newer version of enamlx than my Python version supported, but got that resolved. Looks really nice. I'm sticking with CNCjs for the most part.

First runs involved some adjustments, for example, the thread holding the gondola slipped from the bobbins a couple of times, but I've now threaded it through the hole in the 3D printed holder so that's less of an issue.

It is definitely doing something mostly right, but I need to make some changes to the motor wiring - looks like I have things reversed here somehow. I think it's potentially as straightforward as having M1 and M2 swapped around, but super annoying as I've tried to be very attentive to wiring as I've proceeded with this build.