Why Reinvent the wheel?

There are a lot of open source SMD storage solution out there but most of them are designed for non modular workflows. Most of the electronic makers out there will just get a roll of SMD components like 1000 pcs of a certain value resistors or capacitor so that they dont need to buy it again for future projects. However I am living in tight spaces and this is not possible for me to achieve and I only buy enough surrounding components with a given IC. For example, let say I will get 10 x TP4056 which require 1 x 1.2k resistor per IC used. I will just get 10 1.2k resistor (or mostly 50 as that is the MOQ I can get then). This makes it easier for me to develop more complex PCB that contains a lipo charging circuit.

To compatible with such workflow, I tends to buy duplicated values components in different quantity and store them with different other components. That is why I need a new SMD storage solution that works with how I work with my own projects.

Why Wall Mounted?

When you are living in such tight spaces, wall spaces are some alternative real-estate your can use to put your stuffs when your table is reserve for more important gears like soldering iron and lab bench power supply.

Where can I find the rail / rack 3D model in other length?

You can use TinkerCAD or any other 3D modeling software to stack the stackable rail template to your desired length. I have shared a 10x unit but you can stack them to as long as you want as soon as you can print them.

Is there any plan to support larger components like 0605 inductors and larger LDO / ICs?

No. Currently I still store them in separated cardboard boxes as they are easier to identify just based on their package / printings (as they are physically larger and labels on them are easier to read).