Halloween Raven with sound and thunder effect

Halloween Raven with blinking eyes and raven cawing with thunder sound and lightning effect

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A small project for Halloween. With a few components to make a welcome stuff at your house gate, for the chocolate cheater kids.

Here is 2 video of the working project.

In the house:
At the entrance gate:

I decided to this year would like to create something different for Halloween. Also, I was inspired by other ideas but I wanted to add an extra thing to the project. That was the reason why this Raven was made for Halloween with few components.  I had some unused Arduino boards deep in the drawer, and at the last garage sale, I bought a plastic raven (Which also can be bought in shops) from my neighbor.

That was the idea I would make an animated blinking eye for the Raven and also add some different random croaking and the big idea to also add a different random thunder sound and lightning effect before the raven croaking.   

The PC speaker is not so loud but if you put a plastic tube on the speaker the result will be good enough the get scary in the dark. 

For full operation, the start is given by the PIR sensor signal, which is put outside on the wooden box.  When the sensor senses the motion around the box, sends a signal to the Arduino Nano.

The nano-driven the IBT-2 module is fast enough for the PWM and easily drives the 10W Powerled. Also, the thunder sound is parallelly played with the LED lighting effect.

The Arduino nano program contains a manually programmed strobe effect for the thunder sound - almost in sync.  If you would like to change the lighting effect you can easily do that. 

  • 5 different Thunder sounds - with synchronized lightning effect
  • 3 different Raven croaking
  • 2 different Eyes blinking "speed"
  • The whole method also randomly selected

When you put your MP3 or WAV files on the MicroSD card pay attention to the file names need to be  the following name convention

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • etc

The copying order also needs to be the same for these files. If you do not follow the order by the names the DF Mini player can randomly change the playable sounds.

Arduino sketch with the sound files.

x-zip-compressed - 3.96 MB - 10/26/2023 at 21:43


  • 1 × Arduino Nano
  • 1 × DF Player Mini To play the sound files
  • 1 × PC Speaker For the Raven and thunder sound
  • 1 × DC-DC Buck converter To the Arduino Nano for the 5V - because if you use the 12V the nano soon will get hot.
  • 1 × 10W 12V Powerled For the thunder lightning effect

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  • 1
    The main schematic view

    A small Fritzing draw for the schematic.

  • 2
    Drill a hole for the wires to get out from the torso
  • 3
    Use hard wire to get throu the wires form the eyes to back

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sabirhussain wrote 11/15/2023 at 10:58 point

Imagine a Halloween night, the air thick with suspense as you set the scene with a Halloween Raven featuring eerie sounds and thunder effects. This chilling decor piece adds an extra layer of spookiness to your haunted festivities. The Raven, perched ominously, comes to life with haunting caws that send shivers down the spine. Accompanied by distant thunder rumbles, the atmosphere becomes charged with an otherworldly energy. This interactive Halloween prop not only serves as a visual delight but also creates an immersive experience, captivating your guests with an unforgettable blend of sight and sound, making your Halloween celebration truly spine-tingling.

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kristina panos wrote 10/30/2023 at 17:09 point

Do you have a video? :)

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Istvan Raduly wrote 10/30/2023 at 17:59 point

I'm new here. I wanted to add a youtube video for the project.

But here is the link for the outside video. The premier will be tomorrow.

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kristina panos wrote 10/30/2023 at 18:13 point

Well in that case, welcome to the community! Thank you for sending the link, and good luck in the contest! :D

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Dan Maloney wrote 10/27/2023 at 16:59 point

"at the last garage sale, I bought a plastic raven"

I admire the forethought here...

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Istvan Raduly wrote 10/30/2023 at 20:45 point

I never thought I would do something for the raven, it was a nice look. But things happens

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