• 1
    Start by checking all parts are present

    Make sure that all parts came in good shape and no apparent damage is done on the way. (If not flashed yet) flash Play-ESP software to the Wemos module just to make sure it works.

  • 2
    Solder Buzzer in place

    Solder in the buzzer on the back side of the PCB. Note the polarity.

    Cut buzzer legs when done.
  • 3
    Solder Wemos module - headers to module first

    Solder headers to the Wemos module. Long part of the header should be directed to the motherboard. Make sure to align them right, use motherboard as an aligning tool. When soldered it will be tightly pressed against battery socket.
    Start with just one pin each side and double check your work. Then you can proceed to other pins