• Trying new design with Quicc connector and led

    Holotype Robotics12/08/2023 at 06:49 0 comments

    This may be a bad idea placing i2c connector near the wifi antenna plug, but this is the reason I went for the non-pcb antenna. I will Have to order test boards to check how well this design works.

  • Welcome post

    Holotype Robotics11/15/2023 at 06:31 0 comments


    This is the initial post for the Dendrite-S3!


    This is the Robot Driver Board for the Lab-Rat a series of robot kits as a part of the parent project:  Behavioral Robotics.

    At this point, the board is already  up for sale on Tindie, but is can still be improved upon. The board is currently being sold as a robotics development board, but will be the driver for the first series of kits as they roll out. I will post other components on my page in the future.

    Some things that still need to be done for this board:

    • Possible power LED
    • Firmware
    • Pinout on bottom silkscreen
    • Possible USB power cutoff using switch
    • Upload PCB files to Github
    • Documentation on ReadtheDocs
    • Profit!