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Light made at Sammamish High School, in Robotics Club

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Different lights made at Sammamish High School as part of the FIRST Robotics club - Robototes.

The PineTree and Mountain light will be sold for the Robototes Fundraiser Auction (Dec 2023)

Those hand made acrylic LED light have individually addressable RGB LED to display various effect for different mood and ambiances. These lights can be used as a festive decoration or just be your everyday night light. Also, this can be a great gift for special occasions.

The light has support for WiFi. They can integrate in home automation and be controlled by Alexa.

The light is powered form a standard USB-C supply. A ESP32C3 runs WLED firmware. The light will report a WiFi access point for WifFi configuration and control, default password is wled1234

The PineTree does not come apart very easily.

The Mountain diffuser can be easily separated from the base using 2 screws.

The default configuration for the WLED firmware is available on github:

A firmware with built-in default configuration can be found at :

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