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  • What's Scabo's value?
    • DIY what your custom cardboard robot
    • Open source
      • Software custom 
      • Hardware custom 
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Scabo latest news:


Plastic pollution in the toy industry has been increasing exponentially. In addition, there is no cheap yet eco-friendly product for the market. We set up a very ambitious goal to provide better solution for the toy industry in all aspects - the price, the impact to climate change and the content to play with the toy. We are all players in different meanings. 

What's SCABO's value?

DIY cardboard robot kit : spend your time with your family members to assemble the robot

Eco-friendly design mindset: we design all parts of the robot with eco-friendly materials like cardboard and recycled plywood. 

AR gamification: we optimize our own engine allowing you to create your own games to play with the robot.