Iguana is a LoRa sensor for smartCitys. It is an instrument designed to monitor soil temperature and humidity in real time. It is a low-cost device designed to address a wide range of scenarios. It has connectivity to different types of wireless networks (LoRa, Bt, BLE, Wifi, RF), adapting to a large number of IoT applications.

The PCB was designed with various scenarios in mind that contemplate the common needs associated with automatic irrigation, smart agriculture and soil quality monitoring. Both at the level of domestic applications and at the level of industrial applications.

The sensor considers compatibility with the following sensors:

  • Soil moisture sensor ds18b20
  • soil temperature sensor.
  • Humidity and ambient temperature sensor.

It also has a on board driver for a little water pump, a LoRa module, an RTC module and an SD socket for datalogger functions and an OLED screen to display instant information. Another interesting attribute is that it has an RS485 converter, which allows the iguana device to be integrated with industrial sensors for monitoring soil humidity and quality that are usually compatible with ModBus RS485 protocols.



The board is based on an ESP32 microcontroller.

  • USB communication through IC CH340
  • Lora rfm95 module.
  • microSD socket.
  • RV8803 RTC module.
  • max485 for RS485 communication.
  • On board pump driver with a NPN 2N3904.
  • On board battery charger compatible with 3.7V lipo bateries, based on TP4056.
  • ws2812 RGB LED
  • OLED display