• Code is open, but nah

    Trevor Flowers01/02/2024 at 21:17 0 comments

    I can't recommend looking at these design files as the project is half-baked but if you're a gluten for punishment then head over to the new Codeberg repo where I've posted the FreeCAD and KiCAD files. I just want to go open early and often.


    For real, though, I'd recommend waiting until this is more developed. With my prototype I've found several core aspects that need to change and there are many open questions. The circuit board designs are only general sketches that help me think through the interaction design and they certainly won't function.

    After looking into what others like Wenten Dang have done with raw image sensors and custom modules

    it's pretty clear to me that it's a gnarly rat hole that I don't want to take on (yet?). Check out this awesome but daunting project!

    So, for the time being I plan to use off-the-shelf sensor + mount modules built by people who know what they're doing and are maybe actually EEs. I think there's a lot of fun to be had without building everything from basic components.

  • Prototype 01 dry fit

    Trevor Flowers12/26/2023 at 23:31 0 comments

    I am not a patient person so while waiting for metal rods and plate to arrive I printed the parts in PLA for a dry fit of this first prototype. Other than a few minor tweaks to the Pi bracket and battery holder, it went as well as I expected.

    The blue panel on the front has just a Pi cam v2 while I wait for a better sensor and lens module to arrive. The white shutter button was just something I had in stock, I'm looking into buying or making a better feeling button.

    And here's the topless case with the display rotated out, vlogger style.

    Here's the naked innards. Since this is a dry fit, everything is friction fit or carpet taped in place. :-)

    I started designing the PCBs that will fit into the rear and top of the grip (the part with the shutter button) where there are currently open holes. Though the display in this fit up has touch sensing, I don't really care for touch UIs so I want the input hardware to be the main way I interact with the camera.

    There's a lot still to do but I'm happy to reach this initial milestone so I can hold the little machine in my hands instead of just looking at it in FreeCAD and KiCAD.

  • Holiday iteration

    Trevor Flowers12/25/2023 at 00:18 0 comments

    With vacation here I've had a chance to make a few iterations of printing, finding aspects that need improvements, heading back into FreeCAD, and then back to the printer. I think tomorrow I'll have enough to do a first fitting of the electronics inside the shell!

    I ordered an image sensor module but it won't be here until January so in the meantime I'll use a dinky Pi cam v2. If all goes well during assembly tomorrow (after a morning of festivities, natch) then I can start playing with the software to drive and read the touchscreen.