A Spiking Neural Network Simulator in Python

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My goals for this project are to:

- Simulate realistically spiking neurons, including in real-time

- Demonstrate sensory input, motor output, and pattern generation

- Be multi-platform. Should work on embedded systems as well as PCs

[1] M. Ambroise, T. Levi, Y. Bornat, and S. Saighi, “Biorealistic spiking neural network on FPGA    ,” in 2013 47th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), Mar. 2013, pp. 1–6    . doi: 10.1109/CISS.2013.6616689.
[2] M. Ambroise, T. Levi, S. Joucla, B. Yvert, and S. Saïghi, “Real-time biomimetic Central Pattern Generators in an FPGA for hybrid experiments,” Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 7, 2013, Acce    ssed: Mar. 18, 2023. [Online]. Available:    3.00215
[3] E. M. Izhikevich, “Simple model of spiking neurons,” IEEE Trans. Neural Netw., vol. 14, no.     6, pp. 1569–1572, Nov. 2003, doi: 10.1109/TNN.2003.820440.
[4] E. M. Izhikevich, “Which Model to Use for Cortical Spiking Neurons?,” IEEE Trans. Neural Net    w., vol. 15, no. 5, pp. 1063–1070, Sep. 2004, doi: 10.1109/TNN.2004.832719.

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