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    MakerM003/18/2024 at 01:59 0 comments

    A few days ago, I received the goods from PCBWay.

    I am extremely grateful to PCBWay for sponsoring this project. Your generous support has been a tremendous encouragement and help to me. In the electronics manufacturing industry, PCB manufacturing is a crucial part, and PCBWay, as a leader in the industry, has always won the trust and praise of customers with its high-quality products and services.

    PCBWay not only provides excellent PCB manufacturing services but also actively participates in community building, supports open-source hardware projects, and promotes the development of the electronics manufacturing industry. This sponsorship further demonstrates PCBWay's recognition and support for me, which makes me feel honored and grateful.

    Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to PCBWay again and look forward to continuing to receive your support and cooperation in the future. With the help of PCBWay, I believe we can continue to make progress and achieve more innovations and breakthroughs.

    I have used their SMT and 3D printing services, which are very convenient for double-sided welding and enclosure manufacturing, saving me a lot of trouble. The quality of the finished product fully meets my needs.

    After powering on, I can normally burn the code. I have burned the CircuitPython firmware for the RP2040, which is very convenient for hardware debugging.

    During the debugging process, I found some issues. Due to my mistake, I drew the wrong pin configuration for the display part and the packaging of the PCB, resulting in it not displaying normally. However, it's easy to fix, and I only need to reconnect a few wires to solve the problem.

    The  project are here.