• Automated Pool Controller

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    Jerad Jacob designed this board to monitor and control a swimming pool:



    Cloud-based pump speed, solar collector controls, and temperature monitoring for your pool with SmartThings and Alexa integration

    https://github.com/Here-Be-Dragons/Pool-Controller https://github.com/Here-Be-Dragons/Pool-Controller

    Timer Control of a Hayward Tristar VS Pump and Hayward GL-235 Solar Pool Controller


    osmosis has shared the project on OSH Park:

    Pool Controller v2.2

    7bab38e474b55dd8cd763149769d444f.png Order from OSH Park

  • Want to try flex?

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    FlexWe’re looking for a variety of flex designs to test. The specs will be the same as our normal 2 layer service but on Kapton:

    • 6 mil minimum trace width
    • 6 mil minimum trace spacing
    • 10 mil minimum drill
    • 5 mil annular ring

    Please send us an email with “flex” in the subject:


  • 1Bitsy 1UP handheld game console

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    @Piotr Esden-Tempski of 1BitSquared on Hackaday.io:


    1Bitsy 1UP

    1Bitsy 1UP is a retro inspired handheld game console, the design is based on the 1Bitsy STM32F415RGT6 ARM Cortex-M4F 168MHz 192kb RAM and 1MB Flash micro controller. 2.8″ TFT with capacitive touch, SDCard Reader and a few other components.

    The display used is a TFT LCD with I2C CapTouch and ILI9341 driver. (should be compatible with the display sold by Adafruit on their breakouts as well as the buydisplay.com 2.8″ tft with CapTouch sensor)

    Screenshot from 2017-07-13 21-08-58.png

    The most basic design consists of:
    • 1Bitsy STM32F415RGT6 (168MHz, 192kb RAM, 1MB Flash)
    • 240×320 2.8″ TFT with capacitive touch and PWM backlight control
    • D-Pad, ABXY, Start, Select buttons
    • DAC audio out to headphones. (speakers optional)
    • SDCard connected over SDIO interface

    The hardware design files and firmware source code are available on GitHub: