Loud Esparagus

ESP32 based streaming media center

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Alongside with Esparagus HiFi MediaLink this device is designed to be an entry point to a modern streaming services at the low cost. It runs Spotify-Connect, Apple Air play, Logitech Media Server as well as acts as Bluetooth speaker. It can be used to build multi-room audio systems. It can run your software as well, as it is fully open-source and open-hardware.
It is not too powerfull, driving just 2 channels of 3 Watts each, but it is capable of enliving a small room, work place or drive ceiling speakers in multi-room config.
It only needs an internet connection and standard USB-C power line nad takes no more space than a pack of cigarettes.

After completing the Loud-ESP project, I wanted to get more focus on what Loud-ESP was created for - home media server application. I did an ESP Audio Dock series of boards, including the Duo board that is essentially a strip-down version of the Loud-ESP. I came across the squeezelite-esp32 project that was a perfect use case for my board. It does not only LMS, but also Spotify connect, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth out of the box. IT is actively developed and well maintained. 
So I did the Loud Esparagus, which shares most of the hardware of Loud-ESP, sacrificing battery management useless for stationary devices. And most noticeably hosting in a nice looking aluminum case that would be welcome in any place of residence or work alike.
This board is aimed for a smaller setup (same MAX98357 DAC that was used in Loud-ESP), with stereo output of just 3 Watts per channel. But honestly plenty for a small work space or children room. 

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  • Crowd Supply campaign is in pre-launch

    andriy.malyshenko02/15/2024 at 11:42 0 comments

    Hey everyone.
    I passed the formalities necessary to actually start a Crowd Supply campaign to support production of the Esparagus series boards. 

    If you're a hobbyist maker it is actually very hard to produce these small projects in small volumes, because of fundamental costs of initial development. When you know in advance what kind of volumes you should expect to produce, it is much easier to build up an adequate price for the unit. 

    Public campaigns also help to understand if a product is finally ready for a launch, as adding improvements and new features is a never-ending effort. At some point you have to say "Although it's not perfect, it's sufficiently near".

    I invite everyone interested to subscribe to campaign updates, as in coming weeks I will need to work hard to finalize the design and prepare for the production run, which will strongly depend on the community interest.

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Dan Maloney wrote 01/08/2024 at 17:21 point

Love the fact that ChatGPT named this, and that it absolutely nailed it

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