Blynk using Embedis for Settings

Don't want to hard code your Blynk AuthID or WiFi credentials into your code? Then use Embedis to store and change them on-the-fly!

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If you want to be able to travel with your Blynk setup, and easily connect to different Projects or Wi-Fi Access Points, then read on!

We use the Embedis library for Arduino in conjunction with the Blynk device firmware to automatically configure your Blynk and WiFi credentials.

I've always disliked the idea of embedding credentials and addresses into the body of a program or Arduino Sketch - it's just not "best practice". Besides, it means that you need to recompile and reload your program every time you travel to a new location, like from home to your local hacker space.

This project allows you to change these settings on the fly, or easily migrate between different platforms, without having to change your code.

Embedis (similar in design to Redis ) allows you to create tiny data stores within the EEPROM or FLASH of your embedded project, and to access those data stores using a simple API or command line interface.

Now you can separate your program code, from the data items it uses - now that's good design!

Embedis Blynk Mashup for the Arduino IDE

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  • 1 × esp8266
  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Blynk
  • 1 × nodeMCU
  • 1 × thingsoc

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Nguyen Van Chuong wrote 09/15/2018 at 01:24 point

Open the Serial Monitor.

I received notice as follows:

[ Embedis : ESP8266 Blynk Integration Sketch ]
[ Embedis : select 115200 Baud and 'Both NL & CR' as your line ending ]
[ Embedis : EEPROM dictionary installed ]
[ Embedis : EEPROM dictionary selected ]
[ Embedis : Additional hardware installed ]
[ Embedis : Type 'hardware' to get a listing of new hardware ]
[ Embedis : Additional commands installed ]
[ Embedis : Type 'commands' to get a listing of commands ]

But when typing harware or commands  and pressing the send button on the serial monitor has no response
help me
thank you

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rotrou wrote 03/20/2018 at 14:57 point

hello , is Embedis work with redbear duo ?

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Thiago Albuquerque wrote 10/18/2017 at 12:32 point

does it work with esp-32?

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